Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sometimes you've just got to have fun

All this week, I've been staying at work late until 7pm. I'm trying to catch up with a project. So by the time I get out, I'm a bit stir crazy. I had a great dance class where I started acting a bit mischievous. Then a dance party where I started with some silly antics like an overly dramatic Bolero and a silly Bachata. That continued into the evening where I challenged by instructor to dress down.

Now you have to understand, there is a professional dress code which stricter than business because the men wear ties or vests. So to throw down a challenge to my instructor, who is the manager at the studio, threw him for a loop. He was stuck in an internal battle (from what I could see). To be the boss or accept the challenge.

As you can see below, he accepted the challenge with flair! Much to the surprise of his other instructors (but not to his wife, who I bet had a bit to do with this; Thanks!). As the time for my lesson approached, his wife was standing by with a camera phone in hand. Then out he walks with a hawaiian shirt, suspenders, cargo shorts and a belt. LOL. Plus he kept his pink plaid socks on.

I jumped! I screamed! I smiled and gave him a giant hug! It made my night. And you know it didn't effect how professional I saw him. I have even more respect for him because he will accept a playful challenge from a student and delivered more than I expected. I was actually more relaxed during the lesson because of this. I was able to think more, analyze more, absorb more. Because sometimes you've just got to have fun.

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