Thursday, July 11, 2013

Painting, and Painting, and Painting

At the end of the last month, I created a Facebook page for a new custom painting business I started up, Paint by Color. Of course I had my hopes set up too high. I thought everyone would jump at the chance to have a painting customized to their own taste and color palette. I was disappointed when I sent out more than 50 invites to Like the page but got only about 15 people to respond. Especially since Facebook doesn't enable statistics until a page receives more than 30 Likes.

Since then, I've painted a few more new designs. Dropped by prices by 50% AND introduced a grand opening sale (20%). This did little to encourage people to purchase a painting. I did receive two commissions but that was due to me personally talking with the person and asking if they wanted a painting. And it really stinks since I've got a ton of free time this month. I barely have my son at all. So my weekends are empty.

I believe this is all due to lack of marketing but this is a weak point for me. Especially paying for marketing when I'm not receiving much income at all. Since dropping the price and underestimating how long it takes me to complete a painting, my price per hour has dropped dramatically. And I'm still trying to cover the initial costs of supplies.

My plan is to personally speak to a few friends and encourage them to share the page. One in particular has commissioned a painting and will be taking it "on tour". It is based on her favorite coffee drink and she plans to show it to all the Starbucks she frequents. I've also started a referral program. Plus I plan on starting an Etsy store and researching more ways to market. Do you have a blog, website, shop? How do you market?