Saturday, July 20, 2013

Guarana - Soda from Brazil

A soda from Brazil. I went to a Brazilian steak house and the people I was with bought this so I've been interested in trying it. A friend brought these to a party and I was able to try it.


The can it pretty plain. There is a picture of the guarana seed.


It smells great. Very fruity.


It is very sweet. It has a unique flavor that I would describe like a mild berry flavor.

Would I buy it again?

Probably not. Berry isn't one of my favorite flavors. But it is fun to try new sodas. So if I was going to a party or a special event, I would think about getting more.

Guarana is from the maple family and is common in Brazil. It is known as a stimulant and has twice the amount of caffeine as coffee.